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NJ law requires those under the age of 17 to wear a bike helmet when they ride. We urge everyone to do so. We’ve seen the many times a helmet has saved a rider from more serious injury or death.

But look around your neighborhood and you’ll see many young people riding without a helmet, or a helmet on and not buckled, or on the handlebars. Watch a family group and you’ll often see the parents helmet-free even if the children wear helmets—missing a real opportunity for teaching them that helmets and safety are serious enough to buckle on the helmet for every ride.

We want to work with local and park police to change the norm. How? Departments around the country have begun programs to “ticket” those wearing helmets. But it’s not a ticket, it’s a coupon for a free slice of pizza, an ice cream cone, or another treat. The message is simple. Tell your friends they could win a coupon just by doing the right thing.

If you represent a police department who would like to work with us, or a merchant willing to donate, please contact us at