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We’re working to educate cyclists about their responsibility to “drive” their bike, know the law and ride safely (see the tips below).

We recognize the special responsibility of group riders and work in many ways to stress “single-up for safety” and never more than two abreast.

We base much of our educational content on The New Jersey Bicycling Manual which contains a lot of valuable information.

An example of the information in the manual is:

Plan Your Route:

Do some exploring to find the best route. You may discover that the best route is not necessarily the one with the least traffic.

Other considerations are:

  • Directness
  • Smoothness of pavement
  • Hazards such as blind intersecsions, stream flow type sewer grates, railroad tracks
  • Number of signals or stop signs
  • Terrain
  • Traffic speeds
  • The amount of truck or bus traffic
  • The existence of paved shoulders
  • The availability of designated facilities such as bike lanes, signed routes or shared-use paths
  • The width of outside lanes. If the outside lane is wide enough to accommodate both a car and a bicycle, that road may be a better choice for bicycling than a narrow street with less traffic. If available, use county and local maps to help plan your route.