Morris Area Freewheelers Foundation

The Morris Area Freewheelers Foundation is dedicated to safe cycling for fitness, fun, touring and transportation.

We work to educate cyclists and motorists alike about their responsibilities through event rides, cooperative projects with local police departments and emergency squads, and other educational programs. We are a non-profit tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization.

Read About our Mission and Goals to educate cyclists and motorists about safety issues, as well as the fun and value of cycling.

Help out by donating or volunteering. Share your knowledge with other cyclists to benefit the community.


The Foundation has supported work in three Morris and Somerset county communities that will make it easier and more enticing to bicycle instead of driving.  The communities — Morris Township, Mendham Borough and Bernards Township—encourage cycling through their planning and work of local advocates. The Foundation’s support provided funds for bike racks in key locations such as parks, pools and downtown streets so that residents who elect to cycle know they’ll have a place to park.


The Foundation partnered with Morris County Parks Commission to place Share the Road/Share the Responsibility signs in 21 locations throughout the park system. Palisades Interstate Park Commission also accepted signs for display at park entrances and exits.

Please help us spread the word that we can all responsibly share the road. Donations welcome.

Please contact us at if we can help your group add safety talks and materials in support of your next charity or fitness-focused event ride.